Clues Leading Up to the Twist in Morgan

As with every Sunday, I sift through the new film premieres on Sky Cinema, and today’s vieweing was Morgan. If you haven’t seen it and you’re not a fan of spoilers, stop reading now.

The sci-fi horror ends revealing that risk-management consultant Lee Weathers (Kate Mara) is a synth. Aside from her movements being subtly robotic, combined with a personality which gives little emotion away, there are a handful of moments where it’s hinted at that she’s not entirely human.

Lee had been called to the top secret location following an incident involving Dr Kathy and an artificially created humanoid called Morgan. Lee asks to see Kathy, and they discuss what happened. Granted, Kathy then calls her “a God damned assassin,” but her choice of words before shine light upon Lee not being who (or what) she might seem.


Lee meets Dr Lui Cheng for the first time, or does she? Maybe Lui recognises her face because she was present when Lee was created.


Then Lee talks to her in Chinese, as Morgan does later on in the film.


I might be clutching at straws with this one, but not responding to Skip’s question suggests she doesn’t have an answer.


As she attempts to give Morgan a lethal injection, Lee is sedated, but its effect is short-lived. 


When she awakes, Lee’s in the room that Morgan was confined in. By asking her, “Do you feel like yourself”, Morgan implies that Lee is no stranger to this environment.


And then there’s the very physical fighting between Lee and Morgan, particularly the second in the woods. Lee and Morgan roll down a hill after their altercation, with Lee slamming her back into a tree and Morgan rolling over a tree stump, but both rise to their feet in no time.

hill roll

Morgan then throws Lee who is impaled on a branch, and you’d think that that would be the end of her…


…but she resurfaces, showing little pain!

lee back


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