The Handmaid’s Tale is Terrifying To Watch as a Woman

Based on the 1985 novel, The Handmaid’s Tale is set in a dystopian future where the United Sates is taken over by The Republic of Gilead. With falling birth rates, fertile women (Handmaids) are assigned to the homes of the elite to bear their children, submitting once a month to a sacred ritual known as the Ceremony.

If that isn’t distressing enough to imagine, here are some scenes from The Handmaid’s Tale which are terrifying to watch as a woman:

Janine is shamed for being gang-raped.


Only the women are let go at work.


When June’s card is declined in store, Moira discovers that women no longer have access to their bank accounts.


Nor do they, or can they own property.


Emily stands trial for being homosexual.


And is sentenced to redemption through FGM. “You won’t want what you cannot have,” says Aunt Lydia.


With the Mexican delegation visiting, Ofsamuel reveals that they want to trade Handmaids.

12 2

June hides as she enters an area where “women aren’t allowed.”


In a flashback scene, the men discuss plans for Gilead.



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