The Best Riverdale Put-Downs

1. Archie tries to talk to Josie about his songs.

Gif 1 - Justin Gingerlake

2. Veronica thought people would be more “obsessed” with her.

Gif 2 - Red Widow

3. Cheryl persuades Veronica to sign up for cheerleading.

Gif 3 - gay best friend

4. Veronica fights back when Polly doesn’t get a spot with the River Vixens.

Gif - ice

5. Jughead is barged into by “the rich kids from The Goonies.”

Gif 4 - Wednesday Adams

6. Reggie jokes that Jughead was involved in Jason’s death.

Gif 5 - necrophilia

7. Archie defends Jughead.

Gif 6 - Donnie Darko

8. Cheryl interrupts Kevin and Veronica.

Gif 7 - hags

9. Archie agrees to be Cheryl’s escort in return for Penelope putting in a word for him at a music academy.

Gif 8 - gigolo

10. Betty asks Cheryl to pass a message on to Polly, and Jughead isn’t impressed when she replies “if I remember.”

Gif 9 - hobo

11. Cheryl arrives at Archie’s.

Gif 10 - ice woman

12. Chuck returns after being suspended.

Gif 11 - evil incarnate

13. Cheryl loses out to Veronica.

Gif 12 - baked potato

14. Cheryl finds Polly’s engagement ring.

Gif 13 - gollum

15. Hal tells their dinner guests about Alice throwing a brick through The Riverdale Register’s window.

Gif 14 - brick


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