18 Times Riverdale’s Jughead Used Sardonic Humour

1. Jughead insensitively jests about using Jason’s death to get out of class.

Gif 1

2. And then spots Reggie, Chuck and Moose.

Gif 2

3. Reggie tries to taunt Jughead.

Gif 3

4. Archie tells Ms. Grundy that he’s going to come clean about hearing the gunshot, to her dismay.

Gif 4

5. And apologises to Jughead for the things he said.

Gif 5

6. Archie confides in Jughead about a future with Ms. Grundy.

Gif 6.gif

7. Jughead and Betty secretly plan to visit Polly.

Gif 7.gif

8. And arrive at their destination.

Gif 8

9. Jughead walks Betty home.

Gif 10

10. Archie and Jughead play a video game.

Gif 11

11. Jughead helps out at Polly’s baby shower.

Gif 12.gif

12. Archie agrees to be Cheryl’s escort in return for Penelope putting in a word for him at a music academy.


13. Cheryl reveals that Polly is having twins.

Gif 14

14. Cheryl turns up at Archie’s house.

Gif 15

15. Polly slowly approaches Jughead with a cake, singing Happy Birthday.

Gif 16

16. Jughead’s intimate birthday party is interrupted by the rest of the school.

Gif 17

17. Jughead fights with Chuck.


18. And this TV reference.

Gif 19.gif


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