13 Reasons Why Clay Jensen is a Prize

Clay Jensen, protagonist of Netflix’s most popular show 13 Reasons Why and all round nice guy, is referred to as a prize by Kat. Sure, he’s not completely without fault, but he seeks redemption by trying to do the right thing, which is more than can be said for most of the others…

Here’s 13 times Clay proved himself to be as Kat said and, in the words of Hannah, “good and kind and decent.”

1. He’s observant (and complimentary).

Gif 1

2. He doesn’t value himself. You’re adorable as you are, Clay!

Gif 2

3. He tries to be diplomatic.

Gif 3

4. I think this one’s self-explanatory.

Gif 4

5. He tries to be a calming influence. 

Gif 5

6. He’s chivalrous.

Gif 6

7. And thoughtful.

Gif 7

8. He never took advantage.

Gif 8

9. He’s protective.

Gif 9 (E9)

10. And obliging.

Gif 10 (E10 34;00)

11. And loyal.

GIF 10 (E11 18;39)

12. I mean, he got a beating from Bryce and still pursued a confession for Jessica.

Gif 12 (E12 49;16)

13. And he recognises that we can all be kinder to each other.

Gif 13 (E13 41;40)


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