16 Dramatic Schmidt Scenes from New Girl

Schmidt began a reputation of being a bit of a douchebag in the pilot episode of New Girl six years ago. And ever since, he has become increasingly more high-strung. Here are 17 times Schmidt was dramatic.

1. When Cece thought it would be a good idea to mess around with food.

Schmidt - mash potato gif

2. When Cece refused to be seen with Schmidt, so he had to walk home.

Shmidt - damaged suede

3. When Jess tried to help Schmidt relax more.

Schmidt - kite gif

4. When Jess proposed buying a bathtub.

Scmidt - testicle tea gif

5. When Schmidt moved into the loft across the hall and felt like he was missing out.

Schmidt - Roberto Benigni

6. When Coach successfully made a fire.

Schmidt - sorcerer

7. When Coach and Cece revealed that Nick and Jess were over.

Schmidt - delicate.gif

8. When Nick used Schmidt’s idea notebook to clean his bloody nose. 

Schmidt - reverse annie

9. When Schmidt wasn’t impressed with his tailor’s work.

Schmidt - army medic

10. When Schmidt offered his mum food, as long as she kept things tidy.

Schmidt - microwave.gif

11. When Schmidt accused Regan of trying to steal his fiancée.

Schmidt - wedding planner.gif

12. When Jess assisted Schmidt with wedding planning.

Schmidt - folding chairs

13. When Schmidt was stuck on a plane on his wedding day.

Schmidt - Les Mis

14. When Schmidt implied he gained weight around his neck.

Schmidt - scarf

15. When Schmidt and Cece hosted Aly’s welcome home dinner.

Schmidt - backup china - S6E14

16. When Jess and Nick broke in after Schmidt and Cece were reading up about crime in the neighbourhood.

Schmidt - criminals - S6E19


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